Pepper – Golden Marconi, Snapper

pp127-golden-marconiI recently moved into a condo, and there is plenty of room to do some growing out on the balcony.  The balcony faces east, so it gets a lot of direct sunlight from sunrise until about 1-2 PM.  The balcony gets quite warm, so I will grow some plants that like the heat: peppers!

I grew Golden Marconi peppers a few years ago, and the yield and taste were very good.  I will also grow the Snapper variety, which is another bell pepper variety.  Neither of these peppers are considered ‘hot’.

Jun 19 = Day 0.  Plants started from seed: Golden Marconi (Baker Creek), Snapper (Park Seed). Seeds (3) sowed into one 1.5 inch rockwool cube in 2 inch net-pot.  Moistened with Seedling Blend, a dilute blend of fertilizers.  N-P-K (in ppm): 22-29-16.  Covered with plastic wrap until seeds have germinated.

Jun 29 = Day 10.  Seeds are germinating.  Placed in a sunny window for 4 hours per day, and then under a fluorescent light (spiral bulb, 23W, color = 6500k) for 8 hours per day.  The bulb emits a lot of heat, so the bulb is positioned 7-8 inches above the plants.

Jun 29 = Day 10
Jul 3 = Day 14

Jul 9 = Day 20. Plants transferred to small plastic jars containing 3 cups of Regular-Strength Blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 103-95-202.

Jul 13 = Day 24

The plants receive about 4 hours of sunlight in the morning, and then they are supplemented with a fluorescent light bulb for an additional 8 hours in the afternoon.  My set-up is not fancy, I just use a clip-on light from my local hardware store.

Jul 13 = Day 24

Jul 19 = Day 30.  Installed plants into 5-gallon buckets containing Regular-Strength Blend.  N-P-K (in ppm): 103-95-202.  The plants are placed outside on my balcony.  I have been putting them outside for a few hours each day to try to harden them up, but they still tend to wilt in full sun, so I will use a 70% shade cloth for the first few weeks.

Jul 19 = Day 30.  Golden Marconi (left) and Snapper (right).
IMG_20180719_192341304 (1)
I slid tomato cages over the buckets, and then covered the plants using 70% shade cloth.
IMG_20180719_192407441 (1)
I covered the front and top with shade cloth, but left the back open to get good airflow.
IMG_20180807_094229358 (1)
Aug 7 = Day 49.  Golden Marconi (left) and Snapper (right).

Aug 7 = Day 49.  The plants are growing quickly now, and are starting to produce flowers.  Since the plants are starting to get tall, garden tape was used to secure them to the metal cages.  I took the shade cloth off the plants to expose them to full sun, but my outdoor growing location is just too hot (90-100 °F), and all leaves became wilted within 1 hour!  So I reinstalled the shade cloth, and the plants are OK now.


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